Book titles that are selling in recession

A number of arima titles have seen an upturn in sales and the biting recession may be a contibutory factor. Whilst the advice and information provided in these books is useful at any time, their relevance may have been accentuated in recent times as more people find their career and life directions being changed by the affects of the recession.

published book ISBN:184549372A key title is Janet Davies’ Rebuilding your life after redundancy the New Life Network guide to getting back on track after redundancy. As well as the book the New Life Network web site ( ) provides invaluable resources to help with everything from finding a new job to setting up your own business.

published book ISBN:184549326SORTED! by Jane Wheeler is an easy to read, practical guide about the fundamentals of financial planning. It takes the reader through a logical process which is designed to improve their feeling of wellbeing and give them a greater understanding and confidence about their personal finances.

published book ISBN:184549093Steve Miller, business and motivational guru, has gained a high media profile since the release of his best selling life style book Get off your Arse and loose weight. You Selling You is a programme that provides a thorough yet practical insight into the tools needed to sell yourself. It explains and shows you how to use techniques that can be used for many real life situations including; job interviews, sales meetings, delivering presentations, building relationships with new people, and promoting yourself as one of the best.

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